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Yevgeniy Palaus

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, Facilitator for The Reconnection, Akashic Record Certified, Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver, Certified Silva Graduate.

Annindita Roy

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, Facilitator for The Reconnection, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Silva Graduate,  Life Coach.


Scott Ragsdale

Excellent training. Great energy. Teacher is very articulate, well organized thoughts, very knowledgeable and full of passion for the work. Wonderful love & light. Thank you!

Scott Ragsdale, PhD, Psychology, Clayton State University

Stressed out and strung out I came hoping to find some clarity and peace of mind. I got that and so much more. After taking Reiki training, I have a new outlook on life and I am much more of a peaceful, happy, and positive person, thanks.

Andrew Gallant, Artist
Barbara J. Hoover

I learned a lot about nature and application of energy – science behind it. I enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie. Thanks!

Barbara J. Hoover, Human Resources Professional


  • Usui Reiki Class Review

    My name is Rosa Villalobos, I’m a licensed massage therapist, and I decided to take up Reiki classes 1 and 2. For my experience I have had a little training so I could sense a few things but not much. But taking these classes definitely helped to open up my chakras and I started to feel more. I definitely feel better about my energy and more confident that I may able to help other people through Reiki healing too.

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  • Experiencing Reiki Healing Session

    Hi, this is Annindita and this video is about experiencing a Reiki healing session, the experience of a Reiki healing session really differs from person to person, even though, physically it might just seem that every person is comprised of the same thing pretty much, we all have skin, bones, tissues and pretty much the same organs but energetically everybody is different and it is because of this difference in our energetic signatures or our vibratory level that we all appear to be different physically, even though we are all humans.

    So when experiencing a Reiki healing session, it really depends from person to person how the Reiki energies are going to interact with your own personal energies, it’s something that nobody can really predict, so sometimes people experience a lot of warmth, sometimes tingling sensations, sometimes people who are very visual, they may seek colors, sometimes people may even just get very emotional, they might even have tears, they might experience emotional healing like a lot of crying and things like that.

    So it is just an emotional release, sometimes people just end up feeling very relaxed and free of stress and just very calm and peaceful, so again it really depends from person to person how this energy is going to impact you personally is something that nobody can really predict because Reiki is not really like a medicine, it is not like a pill that you can give to somebody, somebody who has come with a stomach ache or maybe a headache and you give them a pill and you know exactly that this is a painkiller so it will end up in reducing the pain.

    In fact, if the person has a lot of resistance towards healing, then sometimes for a period of time, it might even be possible that after a healing session, your discomfort might seem to enhance for a while before you actually experience some kind of relief, so it really depends from person to person, there is no exact science to predict what or how the energy that goes into react but one thing that is definitely predictable is this that Reiki will never ever have any side effects unlike regular medicines, Reiki does not have any side effects whatsoever. So that is the biggest benefit that first of all it works on all levels, it works on mental, emotional, physical, psychological, all levels and it comes with no side effects whatsoever.

    Learn more about Reiki: http://www.healingspectrumandmore.com/live-events/reiki-training-level-1-2-3  
  • Reiki Master Training

    Hi guys, this is Annindita and this video is about the Reiki master level training or the Reiki master teacher level training, I know there are some Reiki practitioners who teach the Reiki level three class in two parts, one is the master level training and the other is the teacher level training, however the way I teach my level three class is, it is just a one part class and I call the master teacher level training and by that I mean that the student is not just attuned to the master level energies, the student learns the master symbol but the student also learns how to pass on attunements.

    So there are some Reiki practitioners who have split the five Reiki symbols over three classes, so as a result, they have a total of four classes, maybe some people do it for commercial reasons because the more number of classes you have, the more contact points you have with the same people, or maybe they just believe that Reiki needs to be taught in four classes instead of in three but the way I teach it, in level one, there are no symbols in level one because you just get introduced to the energies of Reiki and you learn how to work with your own body and also how to work with your clients face to face.

    In level two, you get introduced to the Reiki distant healing symbols and in Reiki level three, I introduced the students to the master level symbol and I also teach them how to pass on attunements, we go into a lot of details as to the meaning and purpose of attunements, the after effects of attunements, what an attunement really does and then another part, the next part of the class is setting up your own Reiki practice so we also get into a lot of detail about how to setup your own successful holistic healing practice such as Reiki.

    So a lot of the things that I teach in the level three class, in the second part of the level three class and again by second part, I don’t mean it is the separate class in itself but it is just the same class which I have separated into two parts, in the first part I teach passing on attunement, what an attunement really is and I introduce students to the master level symbol and then the part two of the class is all about setting up your own Reiki practice and a lot of the things that you would learn in this class can be applicable not just to your Reiki practice but any other kind of practice that you might want to setup.

    A lot of that information is applicable to your own practice, be it massage work or any other kind of body work or something else totally different but the basics are still the same, of setting up your own online business.

    Categories: Reiki Master training, Reiki Master teacher, Usui Reiki Master, How to become a Reiki Master, Reiki Master Certification, What is a Reiki Master, Reiki Master attunement, Reiki Grand master, Reiki Master practitioner.

    Learn more about Reiki: http://www.healingspectrumandmore.com/live-events/reiki-training-level-1-2-3
  • Reiki Classes Outline

    Hi everyone, this is Annindita and today’s video is about Reiki classes so my intention here is to give a very general overview or outline of the various Reiki classes that I teach at the various levels and what you learn in those levels, so usually the way I teach Reiki, I teach it in three levels, I know some Reiki teachers teach in four levels, the  way I teach level one is basically the beginner or introductory level where you learn how to channel the Reiki energies for self healing and also for healing others but at a physical level that is when you are physically phased to face present with the person.

    So the first level is definitely for opening you up as a channel for the Reiki energies, the second level is only for those who have already been attuned to level one Reiki energies and the second level, you get introduced to the concept of distant healing, so second level primarily focuses or engages with the whole concept, an idea of distant healing and also the students get attuned to the level to energies which further enhances their connections to the source  energies and the students also get to learn the various Reiki symbols.

    Which are mainly used as tools  in a distant healing session  and the third level is the Reiki master teacher level where I teach people how to pass on Reiki attunements and basically this is the level that people usually learn when they are interested in learning how to teach Reiki as well as learning how to pass on atonements so not all the time, everybody who graduates so to speak from level three would go ahead and start teaching Reiki classes  but you can just call this class as completing the cycle or completion of your Reiki training so to speak.

    A Reiki master level training could even be very beneficial as far as your spiritual and emotional growth is concerned so it is not just for becoming a Reiki teacher but also for your own personal and spiritual growth.

    Categories: reiki classes, reiki training, reiki class, reiki class outline

    Learn more about Reiki: http://www.healingspectrumandmore.com/live-events/reiki-training-level-1-2-3
  • Reiki Online Class vs Reiki Live Class

    Hi everyone, this is Annindita and I made this video specifically to address the question of whether to go in for a Reiki online class or Reiki live class, I teach both live classes as well as live online webinars and to me, the experience is pretty much the same, the only difference being that in online webinars, I don’t see the people face to face and in the live classes, I get to meet everybody personally, so other than that, from my point of view, the experience is not really too different, as far as the attunements are concerned in a live class, I will do the attunements while the person is physically present with me, in an online webinar, I would do it from a distance but it doesn’t make much of a difference, in fact, it doesn’t make any difference at all whether the attunement is being done over a distance or face to face as far as the effectiveness of the attunement or the energy is concerned, it is absolutely the same, the only difference is really in the perception of the receiver.

    So if the receiver has a belief system that makes a person feel that it is better to get an attunement face to face rather than by distance, that would be the only thing that would make a difference otherwise, the energy does the exact same work. Apart from that, while deciding whether you want to sign up for an online class or a live class, there might be a couple of factors that you want to keep in mind, if cost is a big factor, many times, it is cheaper to do a live interactive online webinar because in an online class, the teacher does not have to travel anywhere, the teacher does not have to rent out a space for conducting the classes so as a result the cost of conducting the class is much lower than a live class where a conference room has to be rented out and sometimes there might be some travel costs that have to be incurred.

    So that is one of the reasons why live webinars are much cheaper so if cost is a big issue then you might want to sign up for an online webinar, another thing is travel, sometimes Reiki classes are not really happening very close to your home, you might have to travel to another state or another city and that might be an additional hassle, waste of time and energy so some people enjoy travelling, some people enjoy the idea of travelling to a class and meeting new people and making new friends, for them, a live class may be the perfect thing but when travelling too much is not an option, you would travel less when you want the class to be from the comfort of your own home without incurring the additional expense of travelling and maybe even staying out somewhere then a Reiki webinar may be the best option because as I said before, the energy is equally effective over a distance, time and distance does not in any way dilute the energy whether it is a Reiki healing session or whether it is an attunement, it’s exactly the same.

    So that’s the only factor missing in a webinar, could be the face to face interaction but as far as a live webinar is concerned, you still do get to interact with the teacher as well as the other participants of the webinar so if you want to make new friends, if you want to discuss your feelings after an attunement or after a healing session, you can always go ahead and discuss and get your answers and your questions answered and make new friends even on an online webinar, the only difference is you may not be seeing the person face to face so seeing somebody face to face in that physical environment is important to you, then live classes may be your best option, on the other hand, if you want to save on the cost and maybe sometimes, people have some family responsibilities, they may not be able to leave home on that particular weekend so if you want more flexibility and attend a class for less cost and avoid the hassle of travelling then an online class might be what would work for you so as far as the healing session is concerned in a live class, people get to practice healing on each other, in an online class, you get to practice more self healing so that could be another difference.

    In an online class, the way I do my online Reiki interactive webinars, I do a guided meditation where I guide people step by step in a step by step manner to do a complete body healing session on themselves, in the live classes, I don’t do any step by step guidance for self healing, instead, there is a Reiki healing circle where people share the Reiki healing session with each other so that is the primary difference between a live Reiki webinar versus a live class so it is really your own preferences or choice or your own belief system around whether or not you should be signing up for a Reiki class online or whether you should go and attend a live class, in fact, some people attend one level online, maybe one level live or sometimes, what they do is they attend all the three levels first online and later on when I am in their city, they may even attend the same class live just to see the difference for themselves so it really depends on what your priorities are and how much budget you have set aside for learning Reiki, it is a question of all these things.

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    Learn more about Reiki: http://www.healingspectrumandmore.com/live-events/reiki-training-level-1-2-3


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Class have a huge impact on my life. I am healing myself and I’m in a better position to watch over my boys health. Thank you!
Laurie Tindal
Ani deeply cares about the well-being of her clients.
Leland Warren
Before I went to her reading, I never trusted Tarot Card readings. That misconception changed 100% when I met Ani. Her work has been a major influence on my life. She was extremely helpful with her insight. She is really a professional.
Emily Taylor, Account Manager
I’m so lucky to have met Ani. She guided me through the reading, listened carefully to my issues, and the reading she gave was right to the point and really helped me to ground myself. I felt like I had known her all my life.
Cristina Waters
Yuliya Babenko
Great training, thank you!
Yuliya Babenko, PhD, Mathematics, Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University
Seminar changed my life in a very positive way having learned so much about the energies being transmitted and how to use them to ask for a more positive life. I learned so much about myself, the Universe, energies and how to better my life. This training is amazing!
Judi Mariutto Sponsel, Regional Portfolio Director, Behringer Harvard
It was a well prepared class, loved it!
Sue Wade, Analyst, Information Services
Reiki training had a profound effect on me. Thank you guys.
Kathleen Dunner, Medical Professional
I had a very relaxed, pleasant experience, feel very centered. Thank you!
Carolina Martucci, Employee, Home Depot
Reiki class was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot, thank you!
Mia Price
Much thanks to you for a most instructive and educational workshop. The information you shared has given me a new perspective on how Reiki should be presented to the medical community.
Keith Franklin, Medical Professional
Reiki trainings were amazing! I learned so much in a comfortable environment. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for you two. Thank you!
Daniece Wright, Telecommunications Professional
I had intense neck and shoulder aches. After I received healing, they went away! This has been my first Reiki healing and would love to learn more. Thank you and Best Wishes.
Bhowmik Sujata, Stay-at-Home Mom
Reiki seminar has affected my ability to perform distant healing, it is very important as my family is overseas.
Colm Hobah, DB Architect
Training showed me how to heal myself.
Mary Jordan, Employee, Fulton County


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