Life Coaching

Push yourself to reach your dreams with me as your life coach.

I am a certified NLP Practitioner and you will work one-on-one with me to develop a master action plan that clearly states your goals and defines the steps you need to get there.

Using the strategies pioneered by the founders of modern day NLP – Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner, you will discover simple and effective methods for overcoming all the obstacles in your way.

Team up with me and start achieving today!

What Is NLP?

It is the new technology of achievement.

NLP is a revolutionary approach to human behavior, communication and development based on the astonishing discovery that you can change WHAT you think by changing HOW you think.

NLP re-programs your mind for success in any area(s) of your life- relationships, career, health, faster learning and the list is endless.

NLP has helped millions change their lives by overcoming fear of public speaking, self-sabotaging behavior at work and/or relationships, eliminate fears and phobias and so on.

How Will The Coaching Sessions Help Me?

In these one-on-one coaching sessions, I will work with you to identify issues/behaviors/patterns that may be holding you back from living your life in a more enriching and satisfactory way and keeping you from achieving your goals.

I will show you how you can use the following to your greatest benefit:

  • Powerful NLP techniques to eliminate negative belief systems that no longer serve you, fear/phobias and issues related to low self-esteem in minutes
  • Success secrets of top achievers
  • Essential skills to achieve peak performance in business, fitness goals and life in general
  • Step by step method to preparing your blueprint for unlimited success and much more!


INTRODUCTORY NLP Coaching Strategy Session (up to 30 minutes)

Coaching PNGIn this powerful INTRODUCTORY session, I as your personal coaching consultant will help you:

  • Define Your Vision For Your Life Ahead
  • Set Challenging Goals
  • Create An Action Plan That Is Heart Centered
  • …And Achieve Extraordinary Results

NOTICE! you can only order this INTRODUCTORY coaching session ONE TIME and if you schedule your call and are a No Show then I will count this session as delivered because I set time aside for you. For additional personal coaching see related options for a consultation to set up coaching sessions. One-on-one sessions are a very powerful way to turbo charge your life and bring about some positive changes to your living conditions. For those who are looking to overcome obstacles and breaking free of limitations and feel they are ready to make some big time changes in their life for the better, one-on-one NLP coaching is for you. Our call will be via phone or skype Monday thru Friday.

Price: $100

Additional 30 Minutes Personal Coaching

Coaching PNGThis is the follow up to my INTRODUCTORY NLP Coaching Strategy Session. Contact me before purchasing this session if you have any questions.

If you are serious about your life then don’t hesitate any longer looking for the answers and support that coaching will provide.

Conducted via phone or skype.

Original Price: $100
Price: $90
You Save: $10 (10%)

Silver Coaching Package

Coaching PNG10 sessions over 10 weeks, 30 mins each session.

Conducted via phone or skype.

Original Price: $1000
Price: $810
You Save: $190 (19%)


Golden Coaching Package

Coaching PNG20 sessions over 20 weeks, 30 mins each session.

Conducted via phone or skype.

Original Price: $2000
Price: $1458
You Save: $542 (27%)

Platinum Coaching Package

Coaching PNG40 sessions over 40 weeks, 30 mins each session.

Conducted via phone or video conference.

Original Price: $4000
Price: $2624
You Save: $1376 (34%)