Healing Spectrum And More
Healing Spectrum And More
Healing Spectrum And More
For Those Who Refuse To Settle For Less Than Extraordinary
For Those Who Refuse To Settle For Less Than Extraordinary
The Drawbacks Of Current Education Model
  •  The current model of education worldwide is based on memory, logic and reasoning which is good for developing the left hemisphere of the brain but the right hemisphere governed by creativity and imagination is highly overlooked. 
  •   Most schools teach us how we should think and behave and comply with social norms in order to be a suitable fit for the society. Very few schools or families inculcate and encourage a spirit of independence or out of the box thinking in kids.
  •  Current education systems often have a very narrow vision of learning and end up treating individuals as robots. Its like trying to fit square pegs in round holes or teaching a fish to walk. It often leads to feelings of insecurity and unworthiness amongst those who don't fit into this closed system. 
You have inner reservoirs of potential and skills which the current education system hasn't been able to harness effectively. 

And this is true irrespective of how successful or unsuccessful you might consider yourself. 

Unless you combine a system of education that focuses on whole brain functioning and a balanced development of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological aspects of your being, there is no way you can begin to experience the totality and fullness of your being. 

Healing Spectrum And More has been founded on the principles of balanced and harmonious living based on the knowledge and understanding of the higher dimensional aspect of our physical world. 
Healing Spectrum And More is not just about higher learning but also about making it fun, easy, interesting and flexible. We don't believe in motivation. That is an outdated and shortsighted technique often used by employers to make employees work. Instead, we believe in inspired learning. Learning that invokes a sense of your true power and calls you towards something far bigger and beyond your current boundaries of expectations.
We also believe in making all this posible through the optimum use of today's technology to bring our state of the art courses right to you, wherever you are and whenever you want. While one on one learning in a class room setting might work very well for some, for most people in today's day and age, it is far more convenient, affordable and efficient to study online at their own pace.
Our courses have been inspired by the teachings of some of the world's most renowned teachers in the fields of self help and personal development like Napolean Hill, Deepak Chopra, Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale and at least a dozen other spiritual teachers whose work Annindita has been studying for the past 10 years of her life.The courses we offer have been designed so that you can learn the essence of everything that Annindita has learnt without spending half the time, energy or money that she or many others end up spending.
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